24h running to create awareness for young men and athletes with mental health issues

In order to draw attention to the mental health of men and to support the prevention of suicide, we have thought up a special challenge: LaDiagonale!


On November 22nd at 18:00 6 runners will try an impossible feat: to run from Geneva to Zurich in 24 hours. The format is simple: each runner will be completing stages of about 10km where they then handover to their team mates until it is their turn to run again.

In order to meet the deadline the team will have to keep the pace around 4:30/km. Each athlete will complete around 50km at this pace in total.
The team will run through the night, through rain, snow and the cold.

And you can support us - not only financially. Register as a Cityrunner and support our runners on a short run through the city of your choice: Lucerne or Zurich. Do Good Do Run!

Support our Movember Challenge

For the challenge of talking about men's health, suicide in young men and mental health issues, we chose a suitably difficult event. 300+ km across Switzerland in 24.

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